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Controller Military Accounts (Officers)

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About Us!

Controller Military Accounts (Officers) is essentially engaged in maintenance of DSOP Fund accounts of Army Officers. We have well established Database Management System (DBMS) to provide high quality services to our valued clients. Previously regular and supplementary pay and allowances in respect of commissioned officers of Pakistan Army were being dealt in CMA (O), Rawalpindi till introduction and adoption of Revised System of Pay and Accounts in 1993 which delegated domain of said disbursement to regional CsMA. Thereafter, DSOP Fund of Army Officers has been centrally computerized at CMA (O) in 1997 and operational up till now.

Vision Statement

“To be the preference in quality service delivery to our valuable clients”

Mission Statement

Our mission is to make information accessible on one click by using the digitalization of DSOP Fund system.


  1. This office provides services related to Pre-Audit of payments of DSOP Fund of Army Officers.
  2. Payment of Refundable/Non-Refundable DSOP Fund advances.
  3. Final settlement of DSOP Fund on Retirement and Issuance of Annual DSOP Fund statements.
  4. Payment to Housing Dte out of DSOP Fund accounts.

Facilitation center services

  1. Ensure response to telephonic and visiting officers or their reps queries.
  2. Change the address, Name, counting of Former service.
  3. Update Interest and Zakat option.

Contact Us

Office:CMA (O), Rawalpindi
Address:CMA Complex, Bakery Road, Saddar, Near Kamran Market, Rawalpindi