Controller Military Accounts (Pensions)

Main Functions

a) Grant of Pension:

  • Sanction, notification, and payment of commutation of pension to Junior Commissioned Officer (JCO) , Soldiers and Civilians (Paid out of Defense Services)
  • Rendition of Audit Reports.

b) Issue of Pension Payment Orders to PDOs:

  • Army pensioners (JCOs/ Soldiers) are entertained through GPOs/NBPs/Scheduled Banks.
  • Authorization of payment of pension to civil pensioners through National Bank of Pakistan, GPO and Treasuries wef 1/1/2011 direct credit facility is available to all Civilians and Military Pensioners.

c) Audit of Pension:

  • Audit of Pension Paid Vouchers (PPVs) submitted by Pension Disbursement Offices (PDOs)..

d) Adjustment of Accounts:

  • Adjustment of pension expenditure through Inward/Outward Exchange Accounts.

e) Automation of different sections:

  • Creating database of all the pensioners .
  • Introducing Computer-based auditing. .
  • Allowing increases in pension through computer. .
  • Running computerized Pay Roll System of the CMA (P) Office..