Controller Military Accounts (Pensions)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


1- How to apply for pension

Report to parent office from where he/she was retired. a) Civil Pension For Civilians Executive Office will prepare the pension documents and send to the CMA (P) or Pension Sub Office in Regional CMA as the case may be. b) Army Pension For Army the Regimental Centre prepares pension case and forward to the Pension Sub Office of CMA (P) attached with Regimental Centre. c) Family Pension In case of death after retirement the widow of Army Pension will report to the District Armed Service Board Who will prepare the family pension case and submit them to the Regimental Centre. i) Cases before 1/7/81 are dealt with in G3 Section of CMA (P) main Office. ii) Cases after 1/7/81 are finalized by the PSO attached with Regiment Centre.

2- How to Change the Bank ?

The pensioner will apply for change of PDO through his previous PDO along with LPC/NOC to CMA (P) office.

3- How to Change the GPO

The pensioner will apply for change of PDO through his previous PDO along with LPC/NOC to CMA (P) office.

4- How to apply for Life Time Arrear (LTA) Claim.

First obtain the form. After filling it, submit it to CMA (P) Lahore Cantt.

5- I have a complaint, how should I apply?

a) Army Pensioners. If retired before 1/7/81 complaint of any nature will be addressed to CMA (P) Lahore Cantt. b) If retired after 1/7/81 complaint will be addressed to Pension Sub Office of Regimental Centre. c) In case of difference of increase in pension from time to time the complaint may be addressed to CMA (P) Lahore Cantt.

6- Can I solve my complain without coming to the CMA (P) office?

You can either post your complain along with following documents to CMA (P) Lahore Cantt. Use copy of pension book /pass book, Copy of ID card.

7- Which is the most convenient mode of receiving monthly pension??

Direct Credit Systemis the most convenient mode of receiving monthly pension. It allows you to receive your monthly pension directly in your bank account at any scheduled bank. This facility is not only convenient for our valued Pensioners like you but it also enhances the efficiency of our payment accounting process

8- Which is the most convenient mode of receiving monthly pension?

Fill the following documents : a) Option form - DCS. You need to open a pension specific single account in any scheduled bank of your choice and get this form attested by the bank for verification of your bank account particulars. This is to be sent to us. b) Indemnity bond - on Rs.20 stamp paper, to be attested by notary public and provided to your bank. This is a one-time requirement. After completion of this formality, your pension will be automatically credited to your bank account.

9- When is my commutation restored?

Under the existing regulations, if you retired on or before 30/11/01, the commuted portion of your pension is restored on the basis of your age index calculated at the time of initial grant of your pension. Check this figure in the pension payment authority issued to you or contact CMA (P) for details.

10- Can a joint account be used as pension account ?

No: A joint account can not be used for pension purpose

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