Controller Military Accounts (Pensions)

Direct Credit System (DCS)

Get your pension monthly in your bank account.

Things to do:

  1. Open an individual bank account specific for pension in any scheduled bank including National Saving Center.
  2. Option Form: Fill the option form specifically indicating personal number, rank, name, father's name, date of discharge, CNIC number, postal address with email address and phone contacts.
  3. In the bank account portion, indicate bank name, account number, branch name and branch code, and get it verified by the bank.
  4. Indemnity Bond on Judicial Paper of Rs.20/- is to be provided to bank. This is to provide an undertaking to the bank about the bearing of liabilities refund of excess amount of pension payments, if any.
  5. In case of existing pensioners who are drawing pension through Payment Authority issued to NBP, they will also provide copy of their CNIC and indicate name of NBP branch from where pension was being drawn.
  6. Produce a life certificate to pension disbursing bank branch in person or through representative on or before 10th March and 10th September of each year. In case of family pension, the widow/widower, unmarried daughter or sister, as the case may be, shall produce a non-marriage / non re-marriage certificate on the same dates.
  7. In case of transfer of bank account from one bank/branch to another, the pensioners shall open the new bank account and send a new option form to CMA (P) for processing of pension payments through the new account, duly indicating closing of the previous bank account.