Controller Military Accounts (OP)


This office provides following services related to payment and revision of pension to retired officers.
1.      Grant of service pension to officers
2.      Grant of family pension
3.      Payment of commutation
4.      Payment of monthly pension
5.      Post-Audit of pension through National Bank of Pakistan
6.      Responses to clients' queries
          i.       Procedure for receipt of pension through Direct Credit System (DCS) mode
          ii.      Due date of restoration of commuted portion of pension
          iii.     Submission of life certificate / non-marriage certificate
          iv.     Disbursement / Cheque details of monthly pension payment
7.       Intimation about monthly pension disbursement through SMS
8.       Facilitation center services
          i.      Ensure response to telephonic queries
          ii.     Attend visiting pensioners and receive life certificates / DCS option forms
          iii.    Attend representatives of pensioners and executive authorities
          iv.    Provide forms of time-barred claims, life and non-marriage certificates etc