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Tayyab Khan
Controller of Accounts Pakistan Air Force

Telephone No. 091 9210826
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The office of CAAF is headed by Controller of Accounts (COA), since its establishment in 1966. COA acts as Financial Advisor to PAF authority and works under the overall supervision of DCAS (Admin) and Military Accountant General Rawalpindi. CAAF maintains monthly and annual accounts of all PAF Formations/Units and authorizes Pay and Pension to PAF personnel/pensioners and ensures its payment through PDOs including Banks/GPOs etc. The office of CAAF also disburses PAF budget to PAF Bases/Formations and maintains various accounts for the purpose of audit. CAAF maintains DSOP, DSP and GP Fund accounts of all PAF uniform as well as of civilian personnel, including maintenance of pay accounts of MES officers/officials working in the jurisdiction of PAF Formations/Units. The CAAF supervises the regional offices located at Lahore and Karachi headed by Dy. CAAFs therein. Regional offices perform their duties in relation to post audit as well as payment of pension and GP Fund to PAF personnel located in their jurisdiction. COA tenders opinion/advice relating to financial matters to PAF authority or Ministry of Defence as and when required.

In addition to above, the CAAF submits regularly various reports to M.A.G and in certain cases to the Ministry of Defence as well.

The complaint cell and guidance cell is working in the office of CAAF and is open to all to approach directly for their grievances to the CAAF office. The complaints are received on priority basis and the remedial action is taken promptly. The CAAF office has a comprehensive chain of accountability under the overall supervision of PAF authority and Military Accountant General Rawalpindi.