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رابطہ نمبر. 9270709 51 (92‏)‏

ایم۔اے۔ٹی۔آئی کا تدریسی جدول

راولپنڈی، لاہور، ملتان، کراچی، واہ، پشاور، کوئٹہ
ہیڈ آفس: سی ایم اے کمپلیکس، راولپنڈی کینٹ
فیکس: 9270109 -051

نصابی منصوبہ 2015
نمبر کورس کا نام تواریخ
1Noting & Drafting Skills (Workshop)05-01-15 to 08-01-15
2Primary Course in Accounting Skills19-01-15 to 23-01-15
3Basic Computing Skills26-01-15 to 30-01-15
4Pay Fixation02-02-15 to 06-02-15
5Contracts16-02-15 to 20-02-15
6Pay Roll System of PMAD16-02-15 to 18-02-15
7New Accounting Model (NAM) and PMAD’s Legacy Accounting24-02-15 to 25-02-15
8Course on Local Audit02-03-15 to 06-03-15
9Training of Unit Accountants (R.S.P.A)16-03-15 to 20-03-15
10Training of Trainers (TOT)24-03-15 to 24-03-15
11Basic Computing Skills24-03-15 to 27-03-15
12Travelling Allowances Rules06-04-15 to 10-04-15
13Pension Rules (Civilian/ Defence Services)13-04-15 to 16-04-15
14Office Procedure & Filing System27-04-15 to 29-04-15
15Computerization of D-Section27-04-15 to 28-04-15
16Primary Course in Accounting Skills11-05-15 to 15-05-15
17M.E.S. Payments25-05-15 to 28-05-15
18Basic Computing Skills25-05-15 to 29-05-15
19Budget, Control Over Expenditure & Re-appropriation03-06-15 to 04-06-15
20Conduct & Discipline Rules (Workshop)08-06-15 to 12-06-15
21Computerization of G.P. Fund23-06-15 to 24-06-15
22Orientation Course for Naval Officers06-07-15 to 09-07-15
23Preparation of Annual Accounts13-07-15 to 15-07-15
24Basic Computing Skills27-07-15 to 31-07-15
25Functions “D” Section06-08-15 to 07-08-15
26Workshop on Revised Leave Rules12-08-15 to 13-08-15
27Training of Unit Accountants (R.S.P.A)17-08-15 to 21-08-15
28Pay Roll System of PMAD24-08-15 to 26-08-15
29Public Procurement Rules - 200401-09-15 to 02-09-15
30Training of Drawing & Disbursing Officers07-09-14 to 09-09-14
31Noting & Drafting Skills (Workshop)21-09-15 to 24-09-15
32Basic Computing Skills21-09-15 to 25-09-15
33Cost Accounting in POF & CNA’s office05-10-15 to 07-10-15
34Travelling Allowances Rules12-10-15 to 16-10-15
35Interpersonal Skills Management26-10-15 to 28-10-15
36Computerization of D-Section27-10-15 to 28-10-15
37Pay Fixation02-11-15 to 06-11-15
38Post Audit of Bills & Vouchers16-11-15 to 19-11-15
39Basic Computing Skills23-11-15 to 27-11-15
40Primary Course in Accounting Skills07-12-15 to 11-12-15
41Orientation Course for Naval Officers21-12-15 to 24-12-15
42DSOP/GP Fund Rules28-12-15 to 30-12-15
43Computerization of G.P. Fund28-12-15 to 29-12-15