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CMA (RC) Rawalpindi

Zero Tolerance
Against Corruption

A non-interactive SMS based Complaint System is devised at CMA (RC). Complaints & others matters related to delay in payment of personal claims, highhandedness of officials or corrupt practice may be sent via SMS on


The Complaint shall be set right in minimum time.
CMA (RC), Rawalpindi

Unit Section, CMA(RC)
Visiting Timing
11:00 am to 1:00 pm


For improvement of services,
Complaint & Guidance Desk
has been established in Unit Section
CMA(RC). Please feel free to call on

Tel: 051-9270727-28
Pascom: 33927

(For Inquiries, Complaints, Guidance,
Information, Bill Tracking)


Arrear through Regular Payroll System
Worthy Military Accountant General has been pleased to enhance the payment of arrears of Pay & Allces upto Rs: 9,999 through Regular Payroll. For convenience & timeliness of bills processing.

Audit checklist uploaded for guidance of UAs, Units/Fmns.

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Email Service has been started