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  • Welcome to CMA (RC) Unit Section Official Website to facilitate the Pak Army
  • CMA (RC) Admin Block & Unit Section Block, Rawalpindi
  • Payroll System, Internal Control System and Computerization in CMA (RC)
  • Sri Lankan Delegation visit at Computer Wing CMA (RC) Unit Section, Rawalpindi
  • Timely Delivery of Payments, Accuracy of Figures, Computerization of all records, Observation of Govt Rules/Regulation
  • Payment of TA / DA to Pak Army for Forign Tour and UN Peace keeping Mission abroad
  • Sports Acitivites for Employees of Pakistan Military Accounts Department
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CMA (RC) Unit Section Rawalpindi

Yellow StarController Military Accounts (Rawalpindi Command) is a regional controller of Pakistan Military Accounts Department (PMAD). The office of CMA (RC), Unit Section is responsible for timely payment of pay and allowances to Army Officers, JCOs/SLDRs and Civilians and TD/DA system. CMA (RC) Audit Jurisdiction consist of Rawalpindi , Islamabad , Jehlum, Mangla, Murree, Attock, Mansar Camp, BDAs (Muzaffarabad, Mirpur, Kotli and Bhimber). CMA (RC) is the biggest regional Army Command. This office has placed 465 Unit Accountsnts (UAs) and Assistant Unit Accountants (AUAs) in units/fmns falls under the audit jurisdiction of CMA (RC). Unit Section also deals with payment of TA / DA for Foreign Tours and United Nations Peace Keeping Mission of Army all over the Pakistan. 9 out of 22 FPOs fall under CMA (RC) Command.

An E-mail service, complaint & Guidance Desk have been started on the direction of worthy Military Accountant General & Controller of Military Accountant (RC) to facilitate the valuable clients for efficient service delivery.


News Updates

Audit Check List

mainCMA (RC) Unit Section Prepared the Check List named Audit Drill to facilitate the Pak Army Officers, JCOs/Soldiers and units/fmns. Please read the instructions carefully before submit your Bills / Claims of Officers, JCOs/SLDRs.


Audit Check List for Claims/Bills:-
  • Recoupment of Permanent Advance
  • TA Claims of is Duty
  • Pay Fixation
  • Supply Pay Bills
  • Encashment Bills/claims Officers
  • Encashment Bills /Claims JCO’s/SLDRs
  • Special Messing Allowances Claims Officers
  • Special Messing Allowances Claims JCO’s/SLDRs



Information Technology is the needs of the time to automate business processes of an organization for efficient service delivery to the clients. In this regard, Controller Military Accounts (Rawalpindi Command) has computerized under mentioned business process using Oracle 10G Database System by its own PMAD IT professionals.

Computerized Processes:

  • Payroll Management System of Army Officers, JCOs/Soldiers & Civilians
  • Maintaining history of payroll data since 2001
  • Auto tax calculation, deduction & rebate
  • Auto fixation of pay according to new pay-scales & increases
  • Printing of bank/branch codes on Cheque slip / Pay slips
  • Processing of Civilians Pension since Jan 2008
  • Computerization of D-Section (Printing of cheques, Sch-III, D.L)
  • Issuance of computerized Fund statements
  • Implemented 100% Change statements system in April 2011
  • TA/DA software for computerization in process
  • Online Accounting with the MAG office

Top Management

Pakistan Military Accounts Department

Military Accountant General

Muhammad Siddique Tariq Joiya

Our Mission is to ensure timely & correct payments to Pakistan Armed Forces with Real Time Accounting and Auditng system.

Chief Controller Military Accounts (CCMA-GHQ)

Muhammad Ajmal Gondal

Our Mission is to ensure timely & correct payments to Pakistan Army through regional Controller Offices (CsMA).

Controller Military Accounts (RC)

Muhammad Idress Mian

Our Mission is to ensure timely & correct payments to troops with proper accounting and effective internal control system.

Complaint & Guidance Desk

For Queries, Complaints & Guidance

mainComplaint & Guidance Desk has been established in Unit Section of CMA (RC) to attend the queries and Complaints of our valued clients i.e. Army Officers & JCOs /Soliders. All the vistor report in this Desk. Information about bill tracking can be obtained from this desk by visiting or on call.More


IT Based Monitoring System

IT Based Monitoring System of all types of DAK In/Out of all Claims. Just get information on one click from faciliation centre locally.

TA/DA Army

Payment of TA/DA for in respect of Army Officers & JCOs /Soliders of all units formations under the Audit Jurisdiction of CMA (RC) Unit Section.





















Unit Section Core Features

Payroll Management System

Nullam ut neque nequePayroll System has been computerized in 2001 and CMA (RC) was the pilot site for computerization of Payroll in respect of Army Officers, JCOs/SLDRs and Civilain paid out of Defence Estimates.


Internal Control System

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ATL (Internal Audit), Budget Monitoring, Coding System for Units, Banks, Pay, Allowances, Deductions, Recoveries
ACL ( Audit Command Language ) Checks in Payroll Management System, Post Audit...


Audit Jurisdiction

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Rawalpindi , Islamabad , Jehlum, Mangla, Murree, Attock, Mansar Camp, BDAs (Muzaffarabad, Mirpur, Kotli and Bhimber). CMA (RC) is the biggest regional Army Command.