Automated Pension Payment Pakistan Military Accounts Department

Modes of Monthly Pension Payments

1. Direct Credit System - the most convenient mode

•  Fill the option form and get it verified by the bank of your choice.

•  Automatic deposit of monthly pension in your bank.

•  No need to send bills. Annual increases are automatically included.

•  Advantage: interaction with the workflow system rather than individuals.

No disadvantages!

2. Payment through bills

•  Payments are authorized on the basis of bills received from pensioners.

•  Cheques are issued to banks.

Disadvantage : Delays in pension payment in case bills are not sent to CMA (OP) within the monthly payment timeline.

3. Payment through National Bank

•  Payment authorities are issued to NBP branches.

•  Payments are made by NBP, endorsed on pension books.

•  CMA (OP) conducts post audit of NBP payments, usually resulting in recovery of over-payments made by the branches.

Disadvantage : Timely intimations regarding pension revisions are normally not received in NBP branches resulting in delayed payment of actual dues.

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