Military Accountant General

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-> Re-Tender Documents for Computer System UAGE Opening on 23-05-2022Download
-> Tender For Supply of Computer Systems for UAGEs (2021-22)Download
-> CMA (Pension), Lahore Tender Documents
  • Tender Notice
  • Bidding Document and Specification- LOT A
  • Specifications - LOT B
  • Specifications - LOT C
  • Specifications - LOT D
  • Specifications - LOT E
  • Specifications - LOT F
  • Specifications - LOT G

-> Re-Tender Document For Supply of Computer System UAGEs.Download
-> Tender For Procurement of IT equip. UAGEs (2021-22).Download
-> Tender For Office/Computer Stationary & General Items (2021-22).Download
-> Annexures To Tender (2021-22).Download
-> Recruitment Rules for Post of Accounts Officer, Assistant Accounts Officer and Senior Auditor.Download
-> Recruitment Rules for Post of Junior Auditor.Download
-> Recruitment Rules for Posts of Director, Joint Director, System Analyst, Programmer, Computer Operator and Data Control Officer.Download