Grant Of Pension



The pension claim of JCOs/Soldiers are initiated by the CO/OC Units/Formations and submitted to respective Army Regimental Centre (Records Wing) for onward transmission to the Pension Sub Office, which after necessary audit/verification renders Audit Report showing the title of pension and capitalized value of commuted portion of pension. On the basis of this audit report the Centre Commandant sanction and resubmit the case to the Pension Sub Office, Which notifies the pension through PPO (Pension Payment Order) and arranges payment of pension through Post banks (GPOs) CIVILIAN PENSIONERS PAID OUT OF DEFECNE SERVICES ESTIMATES. The work relating to grant/notification of pension is being dealt with by Grant-I Section of CMA (P) (M.O) in respect of civilian and their families paid out of Defense Services Estimates. However after introductions of Decentralization Pension Sub Offices (Civil).