1- Authorization of Increase 7/2015:

Although authorization of increase was a difficult target yet it was successfully achieved within the stipulated time span which was 31st August, 2014 as determined by MAG within available man power and resources.

Lists of increase was delivered to All PDOs (Payment Disbursement Offices). One Window Operation is successfully running to deal with all kinds of complaints.

Army Pensioners:

The total figure of Army Pensioners (JCO/Soldiers) (Retiring & Family) is approximately 1.2 millions. Out of this almost 90 % pensioners were issued increase. Lists were dispatched to 83 GPOs as well as District Armed Services Boards (DASBs) concerned under intimation to Dy. PMGs concerned. Regimental Centre Wise Soft copy of Increases 2014 submitted on receipt of complete information from GPOs/PDOs.

Civilian Pensioners:

To about 99.8% civilian pensioners, increase was issued. Lists were dispatched to all branches of NBP/GPOs/TOs. Information copies were dispatched to all civil pensioners at their available home addresses. 15% and 20% increases (for the year 2006 and 2007) were also authorized besides this increase.

2- Audit:

Audit is the main and continuous activity of this office. During the current financial year post audit was strengthened. 100% post audit for the period 1-07-1999 to30-06- 2005 (72 months) assigned by the CGA is under process.
100% post audit for the period 1-07-1999 to30-06- 2005 (72 months) assigned by The CGA is under process.

3- Automation

IT based post Audit
Dak Diary Automation
Recovery Software
Direct Credit System
Dak Management Software
HR Management System