Controller Local Audit
(Defence Services)
Frequently asked Questions

Q.1: What is the significance of Categorization?
Ans:  To illustrate the distinctiveness of the objections with respect to their Financial
         Effects, the process of Categorization is a prerquisite and it is done by the Office
         of CLA(DS) which further leads to the Process of Settlement.

Q.2: What is the brief process of settlement of objections?
Ans: The cases are processed in the Head Office for the objections under consideration
        where bilateral discussion is held and with the consent of CLA(DS), these are settled
        on the basis of merit.
Q.3: What is the duration of the "Process of Settlement"?
Ans: The span for the settlement of objections after the date of submission is 15
        working days.

Q.4: How could I be facilitated by CLA (DS) Office ?
Ans: i)  CLA (DS) office provides service delivery at door steps through SAM (Special 
            Audit Meeting).
       ii)  Establishment of FDO (Front Desk Office) to facilitate the visitors.
      iii)  Every Thursday of the week is fixed for discussion of audit issues with LAOs in
            their offices.

Q.5: How could I be able to get GPF Account Number?
Ans: Any employee of the office of CLA (DS) can get GPF Number by submitting an
        application with relevant proforma to the office of CLA (DS), duly signed by the
        officer Incharge.